Monday, September 7, 2015

Wedding Lounges | Despina Craig Events

Design Your Wedding Lounge | Despina Craig Events

Wedding lounges are a great new trend that allow your venue to look posh, inviting, and comfortable all at the same time! Consider a variety of wedding lounge designs to give your wedding the exact "feel" that you desire.

Outdoor and Indoor
Debating between an outdoor or indoor event? Wedding lounges can give you the best of both worlds! Wedding lounges can be set up inside or outside, as seen below. Also, elegant draping or a classy, tent-like set up can allow your event to be outside, yet still have coverage. Wedding lounges can make your event spacious, yet intimate.

Endless Possibilities
Wedding lounges allow for endless customization options. YOU can create your venue. Rustic, modern, chic, flirty, romantic, outdoors, indoors- wedding lounge design is not limited by any means.

Wedding lounges are a beautiful way to create a classy, comfortable venue. Design and customize your lounge to create the perfect setting for your special day!


Friday, August 28, 2015

Stationary | Despina Craig Event

Wedding and Special Event Stationary | Despina Craig Events

Stationary is incorporated in weddings and special events in many ways. It is important to pay attention to detail when it comes to stationary so that your event is portrayed exactly how you want it to be. Customize all the stationary for your special day so that it is appealing in every way, shape, and form!

For your guests, invitations are the very beginning to their entire experience. Make your invitations appealing so that each individual you invite is truly looking forward to your special day as much as you are.

Table Stationary
Multiple forms of stationary may be on the tables for your guests to sit at. This could include menus to display the food for the evening in a nice format, or name cards to guide guests to their seats.

The Little Things
When it comes to stationary, the littlest details can be noticed and appreciated. Select stationary that you love to place anywhere in your venue or on anything at your event!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Food Stations | Despina Craig Events

Food and Drink Stations at Your Special Event | Despina Craig Events

Food is an important part of any wedding or special event. Not only does everyone have a more enjoyable time when his or her stomach is satisfied, but an elegant food display entertains guests by allowing them to interact with one another and become engaged in your celebration! 

Make It Yourself 
A food or beverage station where guests can create their own version of whatever dish you are offering can be a great idea. Guests will appreciate being able to customize whatever they are eating, and making it on their own can be a fun activity and form of entertainment. 

TIP: If the food or dessert you are offering is more on the messy side, it may be better to have the dish already prepared for guests to grab. However, if you really prefer the interaction and engagement that a "make it yourself" station encourages- just make sure to have napkins readily available for guests as well! 

Match Your Food To Your Theme
If your wedding has a theme, create a fun food station that is in line with it. Your food station can represent your favorite thing(s) to eat as a couple, the location of your wedding or where the bride/groom is from, or just the overall style and theme of the event. Below are examples of unique and festive food tables!

Food stations are in! When organized and coordinated correctly, they are elegant, easy to customize, and enjoyable for guests in a variety of ways. Consider creating food stations for your wedding or special event!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Favors & Gifts | Despina Craig Events

Wedding Favors and Gifts | Despina Craig Events

Although it is your special day, small favors and gifts for your guests and/or bridal party is a great way to show your appreciation for their involvement, as well as make your event even more memorable for them!

Simple and Classic
Wine, champagne, a coffee or tea kit, or even a petite floral arrangement is a great idea for favors for your guests. These can be beautifully arranged for guests to take as they please, or customized for specific individuals.

Food Favors
A little something sweet or a nicely arranged simple snack can be very elegant, as well as delicious, when organizing favors for your guests. Almonds, chocolates, miniature jams- the possibilities are endless when it comes to food favors!

Want to give your guests or bridal party something unique? Don't be afraid to make your gifts and favors non-traditional. Aside from actually customizing gifts with logos, a wedding hashtag, a photo, or specific wording, you can choose gifts that are unique in themselves and represent your event and relationship in a special way!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The First Dance | Despina Craig Events

Your First Dance as Mr. & Mrs. | Despina Craig Events

One of the first things you get to do as husband and wife is celebrate your relationship and special day with a couple's dance. From choosing a song to perfecting your moves, the first dance can be quite the process in itself. However, it is important to put time and effort into arranging this part of your wedding, as it is something you and many of your guests will remember forever!

Choosing a Song

Naturally, it may not be easy to automatically agree on the song you do your first dance to. Although it is easy to recognize all the differences between you and your partner's song preferences, look for commonalities. Do you share a like for a certain artist, genre, or style? What is a song that can represent your journey and relationship as a couple?

These are good questions to ask yourselves when choosing a first dance song. The most important thing to remember is that the song should be memorable and make you both happy. This could include a fun, upbeat song and dance, or a traditional, romantic, classic song and slow dance. There is no "right" way to go when it comes to this!

The Moves

Depending on your preferences, you may feel the need to have some type of choreography prepared for your first dance. Dance classes can be a fun and useful activity to do with your partner as part of planning the wedding. Although this is a possibility to consider, do not feel obligated to take dance classes or know your moves prior to your special day. Some couples may simply choose a song, and dance on the spot to it. When your song is more of a classic and entails typical slow dancing with your partner, dance classes may be unnecessary. If you select an untraditional tune that is better paired with specific movements or choreography, dance classes or practices prior to the event are not a bad idea.

Kick off your journey as newly weds in a positive and memorable way by customizing and perfecting your first dance!

Customization | Despina Craig Events

Customize Your Special Day | Despina Craig Events

Although coordinating and arranging those tiny details stresses you out the most, it is what makes your event unique and special. The sky is the limit when it comes to customization for your wedding or special event; you can customize pretty much anything imaginable!

Beverages are a big part of every wedding. From the bar to simple refreshments, almost every guest has a glass in hand. Coasters are a great detail to customize that both you and your guests will appreciate. Above is a customized laser cut coaster made of natural cork. 

TIP: If you have a wedding hashtag, a coaster may be a great spot to place it! See more on wedding hashtags at 

Cake Toppers
A customized cake topper draws all the right type of attention. What better way to celebrate the new 
Mr. & Mrs. than with a 3D mini version of them at the top of the cake? A customized cake topper contributes to making your day, event, and celebration that much more unique and memorable.

Customize the cufflinks of the groom and his side of the wedding party! This may seem like an extremely minor thing to pay attention to. However, cufflinks are often visible to guests at the event as well as in photographs of the event. Photographs are one of the only ways you can relive your special day and remember specific moments forever. If cufflinks are going to be any sort of a distraction in a photograph, assure they are drawing attention in a positive way by customizing them! 

These are just a few examples of customization for a wedding or special event. See more ideas and possibilities at  ! 

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

#ChooseYourWeddingHashtag | Despina Craig Events

#WeddingHashtags | Despina Craig Events

With social media rising like it is today, a hashtag (#) for a wedding or special event is a great idea!

How To Choose One
This is your day. Your wedding hashtag can and should be whatever pleases you. It is not a bad idea to come up with something funny or clever. These types of hashtags tend to stick with people, and may encourage guests to use it more. However, do not feel obligated to create something that is clever or humorous. Something simple or specific can also encourage guests to use to hashtag frequently.

Considering that hashtags are now used on almost every form of social media, the problem may arise that your desired hashtag is already taken.
TIP: If your hashtag is already taken, try adding something unique (that is also relevant to your event) to it. A date, location, or anything else specific at the end of the hashtag will make it more unique. Ex: #MrandMrsSmith could be transformed to #MrandMrsSmithSF or #MrandMrsSmith2014

How To Encourage Guests To Use Your Hashtag
Although your guests may appreciate your hashtag or find it charming or clever, that does not necessarily mean they will use it. Some may forget about it when posting photos, so it is a good idea to remind them about it in a variety of ways. You can place your wedding hashtag anywhere! This could include table stationary, near food or refreshment areas, or near entrances and exits. Find a way to place your hashtag near anything that might be photographed!

TIP: Photo booths are a lot of fun at weddings, and a great way to advertise your hashtag! Your hashtag can be on props and, as seen below, on the printed photos that guests get to take home!

Why Create a Wedding Hashtag?
A simple hashtag is more useful and powerful than one might imagine. Once a hashtag is formed, anyone who sees it on any form of social media can click on it, and every photo with that hashtag will then appear. If a lot of guests use the hashtag, it will be a great way to see a large amount of photos from your special day all at once. In this way, hashtags create albums of photos from your special day! A wedding or special event hashtag is a great way to see and capture pictures, but more importantly- moments, that a hired photographer may not have captured.